Love Letter #3

4 December 2017


Hello 👋🏻

Life is buzzing in Ruby May land - we have a show this Wednesday night 6th December at the Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar! Supporting is the very talented Ash Hendriks. Come along to hear some old tunes from Wanderer, Chasing The Sun, a very rad cover #heynow and some fresh tracks that are in the works!! I'm excited to share these with you! Can't wait to see you there.

As I mentioned, it's been rather crazy at the Ruby May headquarters! Lots & LOTS of writing going on and the making of tracks. I'm so, so excited to bring these songs together, record them and soon release them off to you all! I've been figuring out a lot about my process, my sound and getting my lyrics where I want them to be... Here are some things I've learnt in 2017 ✨✨✨

- Productivity does not mean getting a lot done in a short amount of time. It means producing good work in the right amount of time.
- Present is better than perfect 🙌🏻
- The quality of my work is a reflection of the quality of my life: health, thought life, exercise, rest etc 🌿
- Sleep & one day off a week is underrated (omg, so underrated)
- Collaboration is challenging, but it can unlock so much within you! 🌹 🎶

I'm excited for the next couple of months and love having you on the journey with me :)

Much love,
Ruby May xo