Love Letter #2

3 October 2017


Dear lovely one,

Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time? Maybe it’s just my personality, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the sense that there is so much I would like to do and so little time!

One thing I’ve been focussing on recently is the art of being intentional. With so many things to balance and achieve in life, I don’t want to let my time go wasting away to things that do not create some kind of gain or rest.

This morning I made a list of a few of the things I know I'd love to do in my life. Once my list felt complete(ish), I wrote down all the small changes I will need to make and some things I'm going to have to be really intentional about.

I read in her book 'Big Magic,' that Elizabeth Gilbert looks at ideas as if they float around looking for someone to collaborate with and if that person who captures the idea, does nothing with it, the idea goes off to look for another collaborator. If the person that the ideas finds decides to take the idea on board and run with it, they make a happy pair.  There is a similar theme found in the Bible where a master gives his three servants a talent (a sum of money). Two of the servants come back saying ‘here is the talent you gave me, look at how I have multiplied it.’ The third servant came back saying ‘Here is your talent. I buried it under a rock so nothing bad would happen to it.’

The master did not entrust the talents to the servants so that they could bury and protect it.. No, he gave over the talents so that they might make it flourish, multiply, come alive, enlarge, grow, enhance, amplify... are you getting my point? :)

Look at all the skills, talents, abilities, dreams, ideas, desires you have. Write them down, don't be intimidated by them. Now write down one goal that you think you can achieve out of these abilities and dreams followed by all the small things you know you can do to get there. 

We were not designed to push aside what has been placed inside of us. In fact they are a key to living a life of fullness, colour, balance and a life that ebbs and flows. This is who I want to be:  someone who takes hold of the ideas, thoughts, creativity and dreams placed inside of me and makes the most of it.

Sincerely yours,

Ruby May