Ruby May made her debut into the Sydney music scene in 2014 with her EP 'Wanderer' (producer Jordi White). As a young, fresh artist and very new to the industry, Ruby played live shows, read articles, sharpened her producing skills, continued writing and met up with industry professionals to learn as much as she could about 'making it' as an independent artist. In 2015 her musical pursuit was put on pause as she underwent two major jaw operations. This break gave her the time to reflect on writing, performing, recording and the music industry as a whole. 18 months on and Ruby May had come to the conclusion that it was music for her and nothing else. In 2017 she released 'Chasing The Sun' (producer Nik Karlin). Ruby is now in the middle of recording a single and will be releasing an EP later in 2019.

Her penchant for beautiful melodies with an equally beautiful voice to match makes for gorgeous tunes....Ruby’s voice is pure and striking, and the song (Chasing The Sun) embodies the warmth of the rays through the window on a long road trip.
— Music Love