Ruby11 2.jpg

Sweet, soft, light yet strong. 

Ruby May began her musical journey when she fell in love with singing at the age of 10. She never found herself shy of sharing the songs she wrote as a young girl. Having picked up the guitar, she wove her way through school, not quite sure what she wanted to do with this big life ahead of her. Most career paths excited Ruby; Nurse, Town Planner, News Reporter, Storm Chaser, Event Planner... but there was one that stuck with her through the years - Music Artist, which was to her, potentially the most scariest 'career' of them all.

There is no formulae, no clear path or direction to becoming a Music Artist and for Ruby May, who is just as logical as she is creative, that scared the heck out of her. In 2015 she underwent two major jaw operation, the first cracking her upper jaw in half and expanding it, the second breaking both to allow them to be rotated and brought forward and backward. As it seemed to be the 'logical' thing to do, she decided to put music down altogether during that time. As the first few months passed she began to doubt the legitimacy of her desire to become a music artist thinking 'maybe music isn't for me.' Out of this fear she went on to study Film & TV. Although she does have an interest and love for the world of visual communication, this was nothing more than a Plan B to her.

She tried out the film thing, honestly thinking maybe it was for her, after all there were so many things in life that did truly interest Ruby, but there was something nagging her mind. It was her love for music, singing, songwriting and the very unlogical process she is forced to dive into each time she sits down to do so. The logical lady, it seems, feels most herself when she throws herself into the very unplanned, unstrategic, unanalytical (for the beginning parts of it anyway) process of writing her songs.

So here she is, Ruby May, the queen of spread sheets who is learning to shut down the critical, analytical voice in her head by turning her eyes off details of her own life and onto the beauty, chaos, wonder, colours and movement of the world around her.